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Academic Blogs - Outline Main Claim: As academic blogs become increasingly popular and influential, our nature principles such as compassion, sympathy and admiration are slowly being devastated psychologically. Academic blogs often transform our ways of thinking and ability to distinguish between right and wrong, further threatening the social stability of a society; therefore, effective solutions ought to be applied. Questions: 1. In what ways are academic blogs becoming increasingly popular and influential? 2. How are our nature principles being slowly devastated?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What are the impact of academic blogs on individuals and society? 4. How are the blogs transforming our ways of thinking and ability to distinguish right and wrong? 5. How can this threaten social stability? 6. What kind of solutions should be applied? Sub Claims: 1. Nature and nuture aspects: We were born with certain principles, yet our surrounding often alter our thinking slowly. 2. Our thinking can be affected easily. 3. We develop a fake loss knit community online. 4. A persons thinking and viewpoint is directly related to social stability....
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