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People of the Screen – Christine Rosen Although many believe that screen reading is potential enough to replace the remarkable tradition of book reading, little do they realize the very tactile nature of book reading is irreplaceable. Indeed, literacy is the rudimentary building blocks and successful achievement of our civilization. In People of the Screen, Christine Rosen thoroughly emphasizes the disadvantages and potential risks that can be caused by screen reading by using different kinds of grounds, such as citation, research and personal experience. Rosen suggests that screen reading is influencing the view society has upon paper books by using research and citation. Books have always considered to be one of the most abundant possessions low-income students can process because paper books, compared to computers, are incredibly cheaper. However, a University of Michigan study published in the Harvard Educational Review shows that the Web is now the primary source of reading material for low-
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Unformatted text preview: income high school students in Detroit (3). In addition, Northwestern University sociologist’s research shows that reading and screen reading will soon become competitors for leisure time (3). Undoubtedly, less people are willing to read for pressure whereas people used to find happiness from reading practically during leisure time. As suggested by Griswold and her colleagues, reading, which is a common society habit, will soon become an increasingly arcane hobby where not a lot of people are affiliated to (3). Even a library spokesman said that the library has changed and evolved that people use it in very different ways (9). Screen reading is, in fact, slowing changing the traditional values of books and society. Literacy, the important building blocks of our civilization, cannot be replaced in any way. Although many suggest that screen reading is replacing our habit of reading, there are values that only paper books possess. Therefore, we should cherish the sweet...
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