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BA411_Syllabus_SP10 - Smeal College of Business...

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Smeal College of Business Administration Department of Accounting BA 411 Business and Industry Analysis Course Syllabus Spring 2010 Please Note: This syllabus is subject to change. You are responsible for any changes mentioned in class, received via e-mail, or posted to the course website. LECTURE HOURS: M 01:00 – 02:15 110 Business M 02:30 – 03:45 112 Forest Resources M 04:15 – 05:30 110 Business M 06:00 – 07:15 110 Business M 07:30 – 08:45 112 Forest Resources T 02:30 – 03:45 112 Forest Resources T 04:15 – 05:30 110 Business T 06:00 – 07:15 110 Business T 07:30 – 08:45 112 Forest Resources INSTRUCTOR: Nancy McClure Office Phone: 863-4004 307 Business Building Email: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: W: 01:45 – 04:45 p.m. TEACHING ASSISTANTS - ASSIGNED DUTIES/OFFICE HOURS: Information regarding the BA 411 teaching assistants and their office hours will be provided on the course web site. E-MAIL POLICY: I will be more than happy to address issues that you deem necessary via e-mail. However, e-mails requesting information that I have provided in class, on the course website, or in the syllabus will be disregarded. Please include your section number and your student ID number on all correspondence. COURSE WEBSITE: You may access the course website through your ANGEL account at cms.psu.edu. REQUIRED TEXTS: McClure – Digital Custom Text (Wiley, 2010). Students may purchase the digital text online. Students who wish to purchase a hard copy of the textbook that includes digital access may purchase this package directly from the publisher. Please see the file labeled “Textbook” on the course web site for purchase information for both of these options. “Capstone Business Simulation,” Management Simulations Inc., 2010. Students will register online for this simulation. The registration process will take place in the break-out sessions during the week of January 11 th . Each student should remember to bring a method of payment (credit card) to class on this day. Please note: if you have paid for this simulation in a past course, you may call the customer support number on the back of your Capsim manual and ask them to extend your registration to this semester for free. Course Website: The BA 411 website is designed to offer students additional information and to provide assistance with course materials. Students can examine and/or download the syllabus, the course schedule, lecture notes, assigned readings, break-out session assignments, quizzes, and tutorials on specific topics. Students will also submit assignments to drop boxes located on the course website. You are responsible for checking the website periodically for new information, additional study tools, or course announcements.
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REQUIRED NOTIFICATIONS: Please read the following Penn State Policy Statements. Penn State University Policy Statements Concerning Students taking Courses Academic Integrity: According to the Penn State Principles and University Code of Conduct: Academic integrity is a basic guiding principle for all academic activity at Penn State 
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BA411_Syllabus_SP10 - Smeal College of Business...

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