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Spring Syllabus-2 - Personal Health Issues HLTH 101-06...

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Personal Health Issues HLTH 101-06 Spring 2010 1/19/10-5/12/10 Montclair State University Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences Instructor : Neena Philip, RN, MA Room: University Hall Room UN 2006 Time: Wednesdays, 8:15 pm-10:45 pm Tel : 973-727-9335 (Cell) Email : [email protected] Office Hours - By appointment Required Text : Hales, D. An Invitation to Health, 2009-2010 Edition. CA, Wadsworth Cengage Learning. ISBN 978-0-495-38855-5 Course Description : Examines health as a variable entity having physiological, psychological and environmental dimensions. Employs an individualized participatory approach that includes: assessing one’s own health status and behavior, increasing competencies in making health related decisions, eliciting health promoting behaviors, and interpreting existing or proposed social actions that ultimately affect personal, family and community health. Goals : To examine the relationships and the factors that influence general health such as genetic, environmental and personal factors. To determine way and means to achieve optimal health by understanding of personal, emotional, and social health needs. To promote overall health and well being by informed decision making through individual responsibility and adaptation of a healthy lifestyle. General Objectives : Upon completion of the course the student will: 1. Describe nature, causes and prevention of major health problems 2. Select and use inventories and techniques that assess health status and behavior and interpret the results 3. Describe relationships between lifestyle and health status and recognize the necessity of assuming the primary responsibility for maintaining optimal well being 4. Discriminate between the variety of available health care options and describe how to gain access to these alternatives 5. Formulate a personal Philosophy of health behavior and design a health action plan that delineates immediate and future health promoting behavior. Requirements Attendance and Class participation is part of your grade. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the class. Students may miss 3 classes without penalty.
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Each subsequent absences may result in reduction of 5 points. Please notify the instructor prior to or immediately after the class. 5 late or early exit will result in a 5 point reduction. Class discussion grade is 10% of your total grade. It is important that each learner takes an active role in class participation and be present for your classes.
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