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Intro to Bib Lit- Essay 6 Mark

Intro to Bib Lit- Essay 6 Mark - The Gospel According to...

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The Gospel According to Mark: Alternate Ending? The structure and completion of the four books collectively known as “The Gospels” has been debated by scholars throughout the history of biblical study. Many scholars hold that The Gospel According to Mark was the first written, with Matthew and Luke taking pieces of Mark’s writing to supplement their own perspective of Jesus. This “Markan Priority” has subjected the book to intense literary critique and examination. The book of Mark follows Jesus in the last year of his life, chronicling his miracles and saving deeds that led up to his arrest and eventual death and resurrection. Mark poses some problems for the reader, however, as comparison of different translations of the text has proven the existence of two separate alternate endings to the book of Mark; a shorter ending concluding at “16:8b”, and a longer ending which continues until 16:20. The translator of The New Oxford Annotated Bible chooses to end the Gospel of Mark at 16:8
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