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20081001 - monarchy provincial republican etc 10 year...

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Assignment: Identify a period of time between 1895-1976 (choose a year) Due 3rd Dec. 2500 words. Today is the Founding of the National Republic, China's national day. Comtemplorary chinese history is considered to start from 1919. Debate for 1894-5 / 1898, 1900, 1911, 1919 Mary Wright, author on the Restoration reform on China. Yuan Shikai interrupted reforms that Sun Yat-sen and company were implementing. Emphasis on renewing national strength. Major changes in governance. Several conflicting ideas on government systems, constitutional
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Unformatted text preview: monarchy, provincial, republican, etc. 10 year campaign to remove poppy and opium. Almost succeeded, until retaliation from Europe via gunboats. 1911 revolution, dynasty collapse, relative absence of violence and bloodshed, substantial anti-manchu violence. Political structure were revolutionized, emergence of new social forces. roadblocks to fundamental change were removed/reduced....
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