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Keep in mind the dates of events between 1911 and 1949, May 14th, Long March, Founding of Communist Chinese communist forced into hinterlands. Period known as Jiangsi soviet. KMT, through military campaigns, drove them out of the area, to the north. Link to nationalism, rise of a national consciousness. Rise of many ideologies. Liberalism, relatively small but supported by influential group. Marxism, anarchism, etc. Both CCP and KMT had roots in the May 4th event, claimed Sun Yat-sen as ideological father. Both had aid from Soviets, Comintern. Large questions: Why KMT failed / Why CCP succeeded? Bianco's narrative of this period: he thinks CCP victory was inevitable. Revolutionary crisis, needed revolutionary solution, which left only CCP as the answer. KMT was a halfway house. Bianco presented the CCP as the good guys, representing the people, so good guys won. CCP was on verge of extinction when the Japanese invaded and forced the alliance between KMT and CCP. What would have happened if Japan did not invade? Would CCP have been destroyed?
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