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2008-10-22 William Robert McKenzie Earley Modern Chinese History: Rule of the GMD. Lecture: Nationalist forces defeat the CCP's soviet territory. GMD forms their capital city in Nanjing. With the invasion of China by Japan, the GMD flees into the hinterlands. View that the GMD was doomed from the beginning for its narrow views on reform. The Northern expedition was intended to reunite China under the GMD. GMD had developed a relationship with the Soviet Union. Sun Yet Sen, had been known as the soul of the Chinese youth. Embodiment of the revolutionists in China. Sun Yet Sen formed a coalition with the communturn. GMD was reorganised into a centralist democratic group. Nationalism; democracy; and socialism became the three pillars of the GMD. Nationalism was a catalyst against the imperial ventures into China. Formation of the party's military wing. Goal of dominating China through military conquest, and then establish democracy. Breakdown of the united front.
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