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Bianco - Was CCP's victory inevitable? Was it victory by default? More of collapse of KMT rather than CCP's victory. CCP enjoyed remarkable success in mobilising people against the system. Goes to show that China is mobilisable despite its population being dispersed. Major forces behind KMT collapse were Japanese invasion, corruption and factionalism. Most popular, participated and successful revolution in world history. Most heroic? First step in a march of 10000 li. Regardless of the CCP's defeats and shortcomings, only helped to add to their mystique. Mao's unchallenged authority was a huge role. Led to complete dominance later after 1950. KMT was unable to tap Leninist ideology and strengths due to severe factionalism, lack of quality control, weak membership, etc. Aid to KMT was largely cut off after WW2 because US was facing rapid de-mobilization. US made an internal decision to abandon Chiang and allow CCP control over mainland. 1960s, Taiwan flourishing while China suffering economically.
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Unformatted text preview: CCP embodying morality. Sot and seasoned governors of large rural China. Highly pragmatic, due to the constant struggles with KMT. Preached and practiced conciliatory approach so economy could recover. Completed Sun Yat-sen notion of national and social reform. But then true to right wing critics, began with Soviet Sot model and had considerable success. Putting China on the road of economic development. 1958, shift in politics, disavowal of soviet model. gargantuan failure which led to widespread famine and starvation. Out of all the sot countries, most dedicated to revolutionary change. Acknowledge an extraordinary effort to reverse the natural life of revolutionary elements which ends after revolution. Lu xian - broad general party line Left Right 1945 New Democracy 1953 ECYP 1953-57 GLF somewhere Mao's death Return to new democracy Irrational Mao after 1955? Cadre - Gan bu...
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