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Unformatted text preview: 2008-11-19 William Robert McKenzie Earley History of Modern China.Lecture.1950s consensus of redevelopment, through the Soviet model. Debate on how fast to go through the sot transformations. All of it is compressed into three to four year programmes. Agricultural reformation. Coops Small groupings of pooled land. Income and profit were divided depending on ones contribution. Semi-sot collective. Collectives. Land, equity and everything was dissolved and pooled together. Fully sot collective. Collectivisation was a grain pump, it was a way to pump up resources. Very little of state investment was placed into agriculture. Managed to increase output with collectivisation unlike the Russian experience. Through a mixture of cohesive pressures. Peasants voluntarily joined coops, due to a system of incentives. Made it more difficult to get a loan....
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