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Hard to gather accurate information from Communist Party documents. Have to read between the lines. Especially for party conflicts between conservatives and left. Currently, different problems with media, note media liberisation. Local entrepreneurs and businessmen only prefer positive reporting. Intimidation and bribery of reporters occur. Regime celebrates 30 years of reform. Lieberthal: Chinese regime is pining long term survival on economic growth. Min 7% GDP growth. Everything is driven to maintain that growth. Contradictory character of Chinese politics. Not a democracy but better than what they had at end of Mao period. Liberising politics. Relinquishing price controls are imperative to progress, both economically and politically. China's reforms zigzag.
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Unformatted text preview: Tiannanmen incident scars and continuously affects Western views of China. In Soviet Union, they began with political reform prior to successful economic reform. Had issues, economy collapsed. In China, they are held to be much more intelligent, reform economy first before politics. Political reform is slow, gradual. Hard to extricate oneself from a centrally planned economy. Gradualism vs Incrementalism Chinese had flourishing private sector when they were regressing from central economy. Dec 1970, Deng victorious, takes over reins of party. "Seek truth from facts" Criticised ideologies as theology, forbidden zones -> China has to open up. Debate about China's future, thinking about alternatives. Mao's doctrine were rejected as incorrect....
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