20090128 - As they were opening up the market they failed to realise the danger of culture and political change Wanted to find a balance between

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Party, state and military are very tightly and instrincally linked. Zhao Ziyang, Premier. Later purged after the 1989 Tiannanmen Incident. June 4th. Fang Lizhi. Leading astrophysist. He was a professor of astrophysics and vice president of the University of Science and Technology of China whose liberal ideas inspired the pro-democracy student movement of 1986-87 and, finally, the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. Because of the first, he was expelled from the Communist Party of China in January 1987. Surprising, regime did not immediately crack down on widespread protests. Some optimism that things will change. But later, it is revealed there were clashes within leadership, split at the top. When old guard moved, the crackdown occurred.
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Unformatted text preview: As they were opening up the market, they failed to realise the danger of culture and political change. Wanted to find a balance between Mao's ultra leftism and the liberal rightism. Deng Xiaopeng, 1992 trip to the South, major event. Nan xun. He calls for rapid reform. Real estate fever, stock market fever. Invited massive foreign investment and growth. Collapse of communism around the world, culminating with the Soviet Union in 1991. Cause for concern. Three Represents. Hu Jintao adds Scientific progress and harmonious co-existence. Now focussed on retirement of senior people, being very careful on how leaders are chosen. Organizational change and adaptation. 1980s, massive change in recruitment and social base of the party....
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