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20090225 - Chinese banks recently approved funding for some...

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Social change Broad spectrums of perspective embraced by society. Society exists relatively separate from state. In China there are many government controlled NGOs. Civil society groups exist in Hong Kong and Taiwan - gives credence that chinese culture is not unconducive to civil society. Chinese have redefined civil society as service-related industry. Government is downsizing and cutting down on itself, it is redirecting responsibility away, such as Friends of nature, etc as long as they do not move into the political arena. Government is trying to co opt and capture civil society.
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Unformatted text preview: Chinese banks recently approved funding for some civil society NGOs, aids prevention activities, etc. China democratic party application was approved, surprisingly tolerant. but within the year, they entered up in jail. West dismisses presence of civil society in China in 1990s, but actually it might be at an embryoic stage. When things have to be done, it is better and quicker to do it via clan leaders instead of CCP. unwieldy? Since the change to market economy, CCP no longer has a strong hold/watch over the unions. worker abuse happens. People have trouble adapting....
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