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Jason Tang SID 860929404 Sep. 24, 2009 On September 24, 2009, I observed many events. There seemed to be a lot going on – normal events, and abnormal events. As I sat down in a shady spot near the HUB, I noticed a myriad of students minding their own businesses and doing what they usually do. People were heading to the bookstore, putting their bags and belongings at the bag area. Others were eating at the HUB on this fairly hot and humid day. Most students were chatting and socializing as if this day was the same as any other. Eventually I asked a
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Unformatted text preview: faculty member what was so special about this day; he told me that today over 100 faculty members were uniting and taking part in this “Day of Action”. Apparently it was regarding public education and issues with the government and money. I had asked a few students how this day affected them and some told me that some of their classes had been canceled. For about forty minutes I sat there observing the many things surrounding me and found it hard to keep track of everything at once....
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