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15 - • Describe communicative competence of the speech...

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Anthro 10/15/09 Signals Work via spatial and temporal connection “Where/When you find X you find Y” ex. Smoke is an index of fire ex. English is an index of Whiteman Jokes (for Apaches) Ethnographies of Speaking Develop an inventory of speech situations or locations (where does speaking happen?) Develop an inventory of speech events Describe a comprehensive array of speech acts (specific utterance which compose carious speech events)
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Unformatted text preview: • Describe communicative competence of the speech community Sociolinguistics and Ethnographies of Speaking • Describe a community’s array of linguistic RESOURCES (accent, lexical items, grammatical forms, dialects, language) • Describe the FUNCTION of those resources (membership signaling, boundary maintenance, solidarity demonstration) • Describe members’ ACCESS to resources (e.g. is it equal or unequal)...
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