3 - animals are used to create goods necessary for...

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Anthro11/3/09 Economic Anthropology Victor Turner Symbol- positive force in a social activity field. Money indexes success Economic Anthropology: The holistic, comparative, fieldwork-based study of the Production and Distribution of goods and services. Cultural Economy Analysis : the economic and the cultural are mutually constitutive Window Seat Analysis : the window frame and the seat are mutually constitutive (build each other) “ . . .economic behavior, assumed to follow universal principles of rationality, can also be shown to exhibit cultural principles, which stem from resilient Creole adaptation.” -Katherine E. Browne Globalization: The worldwide linking of markets via the global flow of products , capitol and the people connected with them Multi-sited research Movement focus Contact across cultural worlds Production The process whereby tools and energy sources (technology) and the labor of people and domesticated
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Unformatted text preview: animals are used to create goods necessary for supplying (markets of) consumers on an ongoing basis Distribution The manner in which products circulate in. through, and between societies Who gives what to whom? When? Where? How? Exchange: the giving, receiving, and giving again or returning of goods and/or services Market Exchange The monetary exchange of goods Buyers and sellers are highly specialized and anonymous Goods are priced according to a general standard of value applicable to all Value can be extracted as profit and stored as capitol Super Large-Scale Markets Transnationalism: the linking of markets across national boundaries Globalization: the worldwide linkage of markets via the flow of products, capitol. And the people connected with them...
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3 - animals are used to create goods necessary for...

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