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Matthew Mandel p3 Frankenstein study Q’s Chapter 21 1. The body of Clerval is found on the shore of the beach. The fisherman saw a boat that was looked like Victor’s. 2. The nurse is there. Chapter 22-24 3. Victor doesn’t want the monster to follow him home. 4. In her letter, Elizabeth states that she is worried Victor no longer loves her and he has found another love. Victor responds to her by saying that she is his only true source of love. 5. After the wedding, Victor and Elizabeth plan to spend a night at the family cottage on the countryside. 6. Victor searches for the monster and he has not understood his promise. He
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Unformatted text preview: searches for him to fight him, but it was not him the monster was after. 7. The monster appears and Elizabeth yells. Later Victor finds out that the monster has killed Elizabeth. 8. The magistrate does not believe Victor when Victor goes to the magistrate for help. 9. Victor goes to Geneva for many months to hunt down the monster. Clues and messages the monster left him is what sustains him. 10. Victor asks Walton to find and kill the monster for him. He wants him to get vengeance for Victor....
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