March30 - Jason Tang Piekarski Phillips Economics Honors...

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Jason Tang Piekarski, Phillips Economics Honors, English 12 March 30. 2009 Answer to Essential Question How does increased access to knowledge about a physical fitness prevent disease and lead to a more productive/healthier generation, and how can knowledge of health issues decrease the burden on health care? I feel that my service was generally a good experience that benefited the community. I identified the need of this service when I researched how unhealthy the people living in our community has become. I decided that there had to be something I could do to help fix this problem and advocate for a healthier and more productive generation. For a long time Asians have had many stereotypes. An example of one was that kids do not exercise and all they do is study. I found this to be a problem, because that is a very unhealthy lifestyle and can lead to major health issues. For my service, I went to the Palo Alto Chinese School and found Thomas Liou, who helped me do my service. I directly helped the community by helping educate groups of kids and adults the importance of exercising and staying physically fit. I was able to gather around students with the help of my supervisor and they were willing to learn. I taught the students and
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March30 - Jason Tang Piekarski Phillips Economics Honors...

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