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10 - Pg 24 “and that nothing…finish” – Spanish...

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1/13/10 POSC5 Political Ideology First Article: Defense And True Declaration Written to German and English nobility by the Dutch to ask for support A list of grievances, explaining a list of what the Spanish did Liberalsim (ideology) 1) small government in economy 2) free market economy 3) representative government not the same as democracy, politicians elected, we value consent, people have to choose their rulers constitutional government supreme law of the law, sets out the framework 4) Individual liberty and rights against community 5) Rule of law, due process (right to trial) 6) Bill of rights – freedom of speech, worship/religion Connect liberalism to the book Examples Pg 17 “uses dominion” –rule of law, and due process “all the liberty of all the people” – liberty emphasized “these devices…” (violations of law, due process etc)
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Unformatted text preview: Pg 24 “and that nothing…finish” – Spanish subverted liberties and privileges (representative government, liberty and rights, rule of law)-can be critical, using feminism, authority over wives, but king authority over dutch? Pg 44 “neither yet…” – people are entitled to freedom to worship cant tell people who or what to worship due process – occupy city, “besieged” Pg 45 “thus much [they were] only craving” – freedom to worship without any Authority to intervene Pg 20, second half of 25, first half of 29, first half of 34, bottom of 36, second half of 37,38 229-37 [Can be critical] They don’t support their ideas with any points, or explain why it’s important Arguments over thin air Feminism...
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