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1/19/10 POSC5 Political Ideologies Key things: Slow change Importance of Property Burke says property is the most important (land/money) for keeping a society going “Man is a religious animal” humans want to have a god church and state are inseparable Madison – if there were numerous religions, there wouldn’t be one strong enough to overthrow the state/government Burke – much better to have the state control the religion to prevent fighting each other - church/religion keeps the elites/rich moral - religion connected to conservatism - useful for bridling the rich - keeps community together - doesn’t say that there IS a god
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Unformatted text preview: Reasons Burke might not be religious: 1. man is a religious animal who SEEKS god 2. religious is a society because it checks the rich and powerful 3. region should be set up by the government 4. religion should not separate church and state Burke likes hierarchy; should be differences in wealth; keeps a society running immoral and moral elites? “flies of the summer” Poor suffered the most from the French Revolution Low class people do not particularly agree with Burke, because they will always be on the bottom Violation for human rights do need fast change...
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