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1/20/10 POSC5 Conservatism (Burke, Weber, Schumpeter) do not equal Republican party platform 1. slow change, against change, preserve status quo 2. community, tradition, custom, prejudice-valued, rationality, thinking outside the box 3. religion is valued, religion + politics = good 4. inheritance of property, pre-modern economy, nobility are value 5. against liberty, suspicious, for liberty depending on circumstances 6. paternalism, authoritarianism, hierarchy, inequality 7. suspicious of the “masses”, workers, lower class, because they are ambitious, irrational, emotional, inferior, uneducated, unfit, antidemocratic, anti- representative government
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Unformatted text preview: Text addressed to Dr. Price, the one who wants change (liberal) Point was to put French revolution down and rebuttal Dr. Price Pg 8 “I should therefore…” Pg 11 “those who quit…” Pg 12 “I should only stipulate…” Pg 14-15 bottom “Lest the foundation…” explains what English revolution is about and arguing Dr. Price Pg 36-37 Pg 43 “the chancellor of France….nature” Pg 44 explanation of 43 a) empirical critique: appealing to facts/evidence (if there is enough facts or evidence…) b) Principled critique: appeal to values/principle (I believe….)...
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