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1/25/10 POSC10 We the People Chp6 About public opinion Public Opinion - What we think about politics or political issues Common way to measure public opinion are public polls Population – entire group of people you are interested in studying Sample – A subset of the population, which shares the demographic characteristics of the population as the whole Unscientific sampling methods Haphazard – you ask random people on the street, not really random Push polling –
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Unformatted text preview: Voluntary surveys Problems with polls Social desirability Ex. A female surveyor asks your opinions on women in the workplace Question order Ex. Asking questions about crime rate before questions about gun control Question wording Graph – personal freedom not affairs Crosscutting cleavages, in two different groups and challenged to pick an opinion Unequal Democracy Chp3 Low-income voters more likely to vote for Democratic Party...
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