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1/25/10 POSC10 We the People Chp6 About public opinion Public Opinion - What we think about politics or political issues Common way to measure public opinion are public polls Population – entire group of people you are interested in studying Sample – A subset of the population, which shares the demographic characteristics of the population as the whole Unscientific sampling methods Haphazard – you ask random people on the street, not really random Push polling –
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Unformatted text preview: Voluntary surveys Problems with polls Social desirability Ex. A female surveyor asks your opinions on women in the workplace Question order Ex. Asking questions about crime rate before questions about gun control Question wording Graph personal freedom not affairs Crosscutting cleavages, in two different groups and challenged to pick an opinion Unequal Democracy Chp3 Low-income voters more likely to vote for Democratic Party...
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