114 syllabus F07

114 syllabus F07 - CHM 114 A/C Syllabus Pam Marks Fall 2007...

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CHM 114 A/C Syllabus Pam Marks Fall 2007 CHM 114A 9:40-11:30am PS H-152 CHM 114C 11:40-12:30am PS H-152 Office: Physical Sciences H-238 Phone: 480-965-7214 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: TBA (Will be posted on Blackboard Website in Staff Information) Website: <http://my.asu.edu> Course Description Welcome to Chemistry 114 at Arizona State University. CHM 114 is a general chemistry course for engineers covering chapters 1-15, and 19-20 in Chemistry, the Central Science 10 th Edition by Brown, LeMay, and Bursten. This is a single semester course designed to expose you to a wide variety of topics in general chemistry normally covered over two semesters (i.e. CHM 113 and CHM 116). As we have only one semester to cover these topics, you will need to stay focused for the entire 16 weeks to ensure success. We go very fast! In this class, I will emphasize the importance of understanding (the "why" and the "how") rather than memorizing facts and mathematical formulas. You'll need to solve mathematical problems, but you'll also need to know the significance of your calculations. You'll also understand the molecular nature of matter. As you study from the text, take the time to look at the pictures and photos, and make connections between the molecular-level representations and the macroscopic pictures shown together. In addition to learning to visualize atoms and molecules, you'll also need to use chemistry terminology and symbolism to communicate your understanding. I want everyone to succeed in this class. Success is a matter of practice, not just listening to lecture. Learn to use your text properly by staying half a chapter ahead of lecture and re-reading sections that you find confusing. Do the in-chapter problems as you read; they'll help you to check your understanding before you move on. After class meetings, read the pertinent sections again as you do the end-of-chapter problems. It may take several readings of some sections to understand the material enough to get through all of the suggested problems. Talking about concepts will further enforce your understanding. Get together in small groups outside of class as often as possible to work on homework or lab reports to practice using new terminology and making connections between new ideas and concepts. Material Needed: Texts: Chemistry, The Central Science, 10 th Edition , Brown, LeMay, and Bursten, 2003, Prentice Hall Laboratory Inquiry in Chemistry , 2 nd ed., Optional: Solutions to Exercises for Chemistry, The Central Science, 10 th Edition A calculator capable of basic math and exponential functions will be needed for homework, quizzes and exams. Bring a calculator to all lectures and lab sessions. PowerPoint Presentation Notes
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114 syllabus F07 - CHM 114 A/C Syllabus Pam Marks Fall 2007...

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