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Quiz 12 - • Understand the meaning of half-lives 6...

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CHM 114A/C Quiz Topics Quiz #12 November 13-15 (T-Th only) 1. Reaction Rates and Stoichiometry ( C/ T). 2. Average Rate Calculations 3. Meaning of a Rate Law and Terminology 4. Rate Law Calculations Determine rate laws using initial rate and concentration data Units on rate constants 5. Integrated Rate Laws Integrated Rate Law Calculations, including half-life calcs
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Unformatted text preview: • Understand the meaning of half-lives 6. Temperature Dependence of Rate • Collision Theory (Temp. and Conc. Dependence) • Activation Energy Diagrams 7. Describe the general features of how catalysts work. 8. Question about the lab you are about to do....
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