Quiz1 - • Numbers of subatomic particles in an isotope 6 Classification of Elements on the Periodic Table • Groups(alkali alkaline earth

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CHM 114 A/C Quiz Topics Quiz #1 Week of August 27-30 1. Names and Symbols of Elements on Periodic Table Handout 2. Classification of Matter using Formulas or Molecular-level Diagrams Elements, Compounds, Mixtures 3. Identify a process as a chemical or physical change. 4. Measurement Unit Conversions. Memorize metric prefix relationships. Significant figures Density Concept and conversions involving denisity 5. Subatomic Particles Nuclear Model of the Atom Atomic Number, Mass Number, Isotope Symbols
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Unformatted text preview: • Numbers of subatomic particles in an isotope 6. Classification of Elements on the Periodic Table • Groups (alkali, alkaline earth, halogens, noble gases) • Metals, Nonmetals • Elements that are Diatomic Molecules 7. Common Monatomic Ions, Fig. 2.22 (charge and total #electrons) 8. Know polyatomic ions in bold on Polyatomic Ions Handout- Given name, write formula, and vice versa 9. Question about the Safety Lab or about the lab you are about to do...
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