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CHM 114A/C Quiz Topics Quiz #3 Week of September 10-13 1. Double-Displacement reactions (Exchange or metathesis rxns) Classify as precipitation, gas-forming, and acid-base neutralization Predict products and write balanced equations Write net ionic equations / identify spectator ions 2. Know and use the first 2 solubility rules in lab manual appendix J: Any compound that contains Na + , K + , NH 4 + , or NO 3 - is water soluble. 3. Oxidation-Reduction reactions Definitions of oxidation and reduction
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Unformatted text preview: • Oxidation numbers • Why are all single-displacement reactions oxidation-reduction reactions? How does activity relate to ease of oxidation? 4. Single-Displacement Reactions (Oxidation of metals by acids and salts) • Use activity series to predict whether a single-displacement reaction will occur. • Predict products and balance these equations. • Write net ionic equations. 5. Question about the lab you just did....
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