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CHM 114 A/C Quiz Topics Quiz #9 Week of October 22-25 1. Localized vs. Delocalized bonding 2. Molecular Orbital Theory Given an MO diagram: Complete it for any period 1 or period 2 diatomic element (or ion of a diatomic). Determine the bond order and whether it is diamagnetic or paramagnetic. Know the difference between a sigma and pi molecular orbital. 3. Gas pressure Definition, common units, and explanation at molecular level 4. Gas Law Calculations and relationships between P, V, T, and n
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Ideal-gas law calculations, including calculation of gas density and molar mass. 6. Kinetic Molecular Theory: Describe the behavior of a gas at the molecular level KE ∝ T (Kelvin); KE ave = ½ mv ave 2 7. Define the three types of intermolecular forces found in pure liquids. Given a substance, identify the types of intermolecular forces present in the liquid state. 8. A question about the lab you're about to do...
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