SyllabusS21 - Statistics 21 Section 1 Spring 2010 Instructor Hank Ibser Lectures TTh 2-3:30pm 2050 VLSB Email [email protected] Office Phone

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Unformatted text preview: Statistics 21, Section 1, Spring 2010 Instructor: Hank Ibser Lectures: TTh 2-3:30pm, 2050 VLSB Email: [email protected] Office Phone: 642-7495 Office Hours: TuTh 9:30-10:30, 3:40-4:30, in 349 Evans Hall. Other times/places by appointment. Text: Statistics , 4rd ed. by Freedman, Pisani, Purves, We’ll cover most of chapters 1-5,8-21,23,and 26-29. The trial edition is OK, but 3rd edition is not. Additional handouts will be posted on bspace. See schedule below for more detail. Grading: 15% homework, 10% quizzes, 25% for the midterm, 50% final. Grades are curved. Homework: Due in section. Your lowest 2 homeworks will be dropped. No credit for late home- work. Solutions will be posted in the third floor hallway of Evans Hall. Quizzes: There will be 6 quizzes posted on bspace on the Monday of the week given on the sched- ule, due in section the following week. For example, the first quiz will be on bspace at 5pm Monday Feb 2, due in section the following week. You will get full credit for the quiz if you answer all ques-Feb 2, due in section the following week....
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