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Engineering Math Spring 2009 Exam 4 Outline Chapter 5. Series Solutions of ODEs. Special Functions J. The Gamma Function (5.5) K. Bessel's Equation and Bessel Functions (5.5, 5.6) 1. General Solution of Bessel's Equation of Order for Nonintegral // 2. General Solution of Bessel's Equation of Order for Integral 88 3. Properties of Bessel Functions 4. Solving a DE by Transforming it into a Bessel Equation L. Boundary-Value Problems (5.7) M Sturm-Liouville Problems (5.7) N. Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions (5.7) O. Orthogonal Families of Functions (5.7) P. Norms (5.7) Q. Orthogonal Expansions (5.8) 1. Formula for the Coefficients (Theorem *) 2. Fourier-Legendre Series 3. Fourier-Bessel Series Chapter 11 Fourier Series, Integrals, and Transforms A. Even and Odd Functions B. Fourier Series
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