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Engineering Math Homework 1 Spring 2009 (due Thursday, January 22) Consider the half-wave rectification of the function 0Ð>Ñ 1Ð>Ñ œ Ð >ÑÞ cos " # (1) Carefully draw a graph of . Be sure to label the -axis and the -axis, and clearly mark a 0Ð>Ñ > C scale on each axis. (2) Write an equation for . Part of this will be a piecewise-defined expression, and the other 0Ð>Ñ part will be an expression that indicates that is periodic. 0Ð>Ñ You may wish to check (1) and (2) with me or with a friend before going on to (3).
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Unformatted text preview: (3) Find . _ Ð0Ð>ÑÑ Be sure to show all the necessary steps in your solution. You may feel free to use a table formula (instead of integration by parts) in the integration step. After you have completed the integration and evaluation and have thus found the Laplace transform, you do not need to do any algebraic simplification....
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