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homework 3 - Engineering Math Homework 3 Spring 2009(due...

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Engineering Math Homework 3 Spring 2009 (due Thursday, February 12) Chronic recurrent osteomyelitis is a bone infection with symptoms that show up and disappear repeatedly as the years go by. A test group of people with this disease is monitored over a long period of time. (You may assume that no one dies or drops out of the study.) It is found that of people with the disease who have serious symptoms one month, 50% still have serious symptoms the next month, 40% have mild symptoms, and 10% have no symptoms. Of those who have mild symptoms one month, 60% still have mild symptoms the next month, 10% have serious symptoms, and 30% have no symptoms. Of those people who have no symptoms one month, 70% still have no symptoms the next month, 5% have serious symptoms, and 25% have mild symptoms. 1. Find the stochastic matrix which governs the transition from the severity of symptoms in one
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