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Engineering Math Homework 5 Spring 2009 (due Thursday, March 5) The following differential form F • r is exact. (You do not need to verify this.) p . p Š‹ Š Š #C #C BBB B B #D " " cos sin sin ÐB Ñ  ÐB Ñ  ÐB Ñ ## # $$ # # .B  #C  .C  #D  .D (1) Find the scalar function whose gradient is F . 0ÐBßCßDÑ p (2) Use your answer to the first problem to find the value of the following line integral, where ß"ß# F œ ß#ß$ È È 1 # and . 1 ' E F ’Š Š Š #C
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