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Engineering Math Homework 6 Solutions Spring 2009 The surface is an elliptical disk enclosed by the cylinder and lying in the plane BCœ" ## DœC" . r ] p Ð?ß@ÑœÒ@ ?ß@ ?" !Ÿ?Ÿ# !Ÿ@Ÿ" cos sin sin 1 F p œÒB CßB ßCDÓ #$ curl F i j k p œ œÒDß!ß#B Ó ppp BC B CD ââ ``` `B `C `D # Ð ÑÐ Ð?ß @ÑÑ œ Ò @ ?  "ß !ß #@ p p r sin cos N i j k p œ œÒ!ß@ß@Ó pp p @ ?@ ?@ ? ?? ? sin cos cos cos sin sin Check orientation. It's wrong. Use N . p œ Ò!ß @ß @Ó )' ' ' ' GW V F • r curl
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