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Engineering Math Homework 8 Spring 2009 (due Thursday, April 9) Consider the following function. if if 0ÐBÑ œ : œ # / " B ! / !B" œ #B #B (1) Graph this periodic function at least on the interval . Make sure your graph 0 $ Ÿ B Ÿ $ is labeled accurate and . (2) Write out the form for the Fourier series for . (This is not complicated. Just begin with 0 the general form and put in the value of .) P (3) Find the Fourier coefficients , , and . ++ , !8 8 If it is clear to you that any of these must equal zero, you may state that without any reason or explanation. Work carefully and do not skip steps. Do as much simplification as possible now, so that step (4) will be easier.
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