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prerequisite survey quiz solutions

prerequisite survey quiz solutions - Engineering Math...

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Engineering Math Prerequisite Survey/Quiz, Spring 2009 Solutions Complete this quiz without consulting any books, notes, calculator, computer, people, etc., and return it during class on January 13 or 15. You will get full credit for completing and returning it regardless of how well you did. 1. Which of the following courses have you completed ? (Just answer “yes” or “no” for each.) (a) Calculus III (b) Differential Equations (c) Matrix Algebra or Linear Algebra 2. To what extent did you cover each of the following topics in your Differential Equations (or another) course? For each one, just answer (i) not at all, (ii) briefly (one to two days), or (iii) substantially (three or more days). If you're not sure, make your best guess. (a) Laplace transforms for example, _ " " =" Š‹ # œ> sin (b) eigenvalues and eigenvectors for example, is an eigenvalue for the matrix - œ# œ $ # $ % A ”• (c) using power series to solve differential equations for example,
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