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Assignment #7, Due Thursday, Mar. 19th by 10:00 AM. 1. The potential due to a charged disk of uniform surface charge density σ at a point on the axis is given by V (0 , 0 ,z ) = σ 2 ² 0 ± z 2 + R 2 - | z | . We have assumed the disk to be centered at the origin and lying on the x - y plane. In terms of Legendre polynomials, generate an expression
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Unformatted text preview: for the potential at point (0 , R 2 , R 2 ). Hint: use the same method that I used for a charged rod. I.e., generate a solution off the axis from the expression you have that is valid only on the axis of symmetry. You may need P ‘ (1) = 1 for all ‘ ....
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