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Test I Physics 351/Dr. Gangopadhyaya February 22, 2005 To receive full credit your work needs to be a) correct, and b) neat. Do not write answer to more than one problems in one sheet. When done, put problems in ascending order and staple all pages. 1) Electric field ~ E ( ~ r ) due to a point charge q sitting at ~a ( a, 0 , 0) is given by ~ E ( ~ r ) = q 4 π² 0 ~ r - ~a | ~ r - ~a | 3 . Determine the divergence and the curl of this vector field. 2) A vector field ~ A is given by ~ A ( s,φ,z ) = C ˆ e φ s , where C is a constant and ( s,φ,z ) are cylindrical components of the position vector ~ r . a) Compute H ~ A · ~ dl for this field around a circular loop of radius R centered at the origin and lying on the x - y plane. b) Determine the curl of this field at all points . c) Are results from b) and a) supposed to be related to each other? If yes,
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