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Page 1 Your name and student ID: for use by grader:_______ BICD110, Cell Biology, Fall Quarter, UCSD, Practice Exam #2. 11/19/09. 90 minutes. Due by 11 am on Monday, Nov. 23 at Dr. Aroian’s office, Bonner Hall 4430 (slip your exam under the door if closed). Late exams are not graded. Although the grade you get on this exam will not count towards your final grade, we will grade it as if it did. In this way, you get real practice for taking an exam. We want to help you achieve success by giving you opportunities to practice your skills and also to safely fail (eg, you have to fall down many times in the process of learning how to ski). The fact that the exam will not affect your grade will also lower the pressure you feel taking it so that you can focus on learning and honing your problem solving skills, rather than worrying about the grade. I hope too that you will find the challenge of working these problems stimulating and rewarding and experience the joys of discovery and in stirring up that innate curiosity we all have in common. Take advantage of this opportunity! This exam is open book and notes . Once you begin the exam, the only material you can use is Alberts et al., Molecular Biology of the Cell and your class notes. That also means no internet searches, outside publications, other textbooks, etc… It pays to follow these rules since the final exam will be carried out this way. Be sure to put your name at the top of each page. Spend only 90 minutes on the exam (single seating). The time limit is for several reasons. First, we want to know how well we are doing in conveying the material and how to problem solve. Second, it may help us calibrate how many questions to ask in future exams. Third, it will help maintain your sanity knowing you have a finite amount of time to do it, at which point you can let go. Fourth, the final exam (as life itself) has time constraints; this is a good and safe opportunity to practice working with such a constraint. Science requires being succinct.
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aroianMT - Page 1 Your name and student ID: for use by...

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