1 - Twenty Steps to Successful Time Management

1 - Twenty Steps to Successful Time Management - Twenty...

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Twenty Steps to Successful Time Management 1. Clarify your objectives. Put them in writing. Then set your priorities. Make sure you’re getting what you really want out of life. 2. Focus on objectives, not on activities. Your most important activities are those that help you accomplish your objectives. 3. Set at least one major objective each day and achieve it. 4. Record a time log periodically to analyze how you use your time, and keep bad time habits out of your life. 5. Analyze everything you do in terms of your objectives. Find out what you do, when you do it, why you do it. Ask yourself what would happen if you didn’t do it. If the answer is nothing, then stop doing it. 6. Eliminate at least one time-waster from your life each week. 7. Plan your time. Write out a plan for each week. Ask yourself what you hope to accomplish by the end of the week and what you will need to do to achieve those results. 8. Make a to-do list every day.
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