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Unformatted text preview: Algorithms in the Real World (15-853), Fall 09 Assignment #6 Due: December 3 You can look up material on the web and books, but you cannot look up solutions to the given problems. You can work in groups, but must write up the answers individually. Problem 1: Absolute Inequalities (10pt) Let’s say we augment linear programs to allow constraints to include absolute values ( e.g. | x 1 | + 3 | x 2 | ≤ b ). Can we solve all such problems in polynomial time? Show why or why not. (Assume P 6 = NP .) Problem 2: Max Flow Dual (10 points) The class slides described a formulation of Max-Flow using linear programming (Page 7 of the first lecture on linear programming). Assume there is no capacity inequality for the special edge x (the edge from out to in can support any capacity). The same lecture also described how to convert a linear program into its dual (page 44). Please write down the dual for the max-flow problem and write down an interpretation of what the equations mean, what the variables mean, what we are optimizing, what the optimal solution...
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