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13 questions from rc and 27 questions from eu there

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Unformatted text preview: questions from RC and 27 questions from EU. There were three passages of average 600 words each and three to four questions were asked on each passage. In English Usage part, questions were on vocabulary, parajumbles and grammar. The bird’s eye view of the section is as follows Num ber of Questions Topics Lev el of Difficulty Reading Com prehension Passage I The present human society /civilisation 5 Tough Passage II State participation in economical development of underdev eloped countries. 5 Moderage Passage III Blood Artries 3 Tough Find the grammatical error in the part of a sentence 5 Moderate Cloze test 5 Moderate Analogies (Similiar) 2 Moderate Para Jumbles 5 Moderate Replace the underline part 5 Moderate New ty pe of Analogies, in which four words were given of which two words was either of similar or opposite relationship. 5 Moderate English Usage An attempt of 21+ questions in 25-30 minutes with 95% accuracy will be a decent one. S...
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