Section ii mathematical aptitude in the n umerical

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Unformatted text preview: ECTION II MATHEMATICAL APTITUDE In the N umerical Analysis s ection total 40 questions were there. The break-up of the questions is as given: Topics Number of Questions Numbers 5 SI and CI, Installment 5 Sets 2 Mixtures 3 Ratio and Proportion Level of Difficulty 1 3 Mensuration 6 Algebra 2 Percentage 3 Profit and Loss Moderate Work and Time/Pipes and Cisterns 6 Permutations and combinations 1 Coordinate Geometry 1 Time Speed and Distance 2 40 An attempt of 22+ questions in 30-35 minutes with 95% accuracy will be a decent one. (2) of (4) I C : PTpnrNMAT2006 SECTION III DATA ANALYSIS AND SUFFICIENCY The third section was on Data Analysis and Sufficiency. In this section three questions were based on a caseate. Eight question were on Data Sufficiency. In DS there were question on both the two statement type and the three statement type. Two questions were based to find the redundant information. Rest questions were from Data Interpretation. The...
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