The detail break up of the section is as follows num

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Unformatted text preview: detail break-up of the section is as follows : Num ber of Questions Lev el of Difficulty Caselete 3 Moderate Bar + Line (one set) 4 Easy 3+5+2 Easy Line Graph (one set) 4 Easy Line + Pie (one set) 5 Moderate Column 4 Moderate Two statement ty pe 5 Moderate Three statement type 3 Moderate Data reduntant ty pe 2 Moderate Data Interpretation Table (three sets) Data Sufficieny An attempt of 20+ questions in 30-35 minutes with 95% accuracy will be a decent one. SECTION IV INTELLIGENCE AND LOGICAL REASONING In Logical Reasoning section there were questions of easy to moderate level. Coding and Decoding, Series questions were easy. One question were based on a bar graph and four questions were on two tables. The detail break-up is as follows. Number of Questions Level of Difficulty Critical Reasoning 6 Moderate Data Arrangement Three sets of three questions each = 9 Moderate Decision Making 5 Moderate Logical Reasoning (Coding Decoding, Series) 10 Easy 1+2+2 Easy Input-Output 2 Easy Statement - Course of Action 3 Moderate Topics Questions based on bar and table An attempt of 18+ questions in 30-35 minutes with 95% accuracy will be a decent one. I C : PTpnrNMAT2006 (3) of (4) SECTION V INDIAN AND GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT The fifth and last section was on G eneral Awareness , there were 40 questions on surrounding environment were asked in this sections. The sections was easy most of the questions from static and traditional General Knowledge some of the questions were related to punchlines of companies etc. Overall the section was easy. An attempt of 25 + questions in 10-15 minutes will be a decent one in this section. T he expected overall cut-off should be 83 + marks (4) of (4) I C : PTpnrNMAT2006...
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