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What do I want to do? a DIY guide to self-assessment for Disabled people by Ross Cowan and Bob Watson Contents Introduction Assessing your own Personal Assistance Needs The lifestyle that you want Writing a Job Outline Your next steps and more information Introduction This is the first in a series of short guides to be produced by the Gateshead Personal Assistance Pilot Project. The Guides provide information and advice to Disabled people in Gateshead who wish to live independently by using Personal Assistance. Independent Living At the heart of Independent Living is the principle that Disabled people should have full choice and control over all aspects of their own lives. This means control not only in managing tasks such as eating and washing but also in other areas of life such as having personal relationships, working or having fun. Personal Assistance Personal Assistance is about the rights of Disabled people who require physical support (from a Personal Assistant) to be able to buy, manage and control enough of that support (Personal Assistance) to lead as full and spontaneous a life as a non-disabled person. Self-Assessment This Guide then aims to provide a Disabled person with the tools to assess their own Personal Assistance needs: what do you want to do in your life?
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what do you have difficulty doing? what kind of help will enable you to do these things? You will find an example of an Assessment Checklist, a discussion about preferences and lifestyle and a sample Job Outline. More information Future Guides to be produced by the Gateshead Personal Assistance Pilot Project will look at sources of funding for Personal Assistance; the recruiment and employment of Personal Assistants; advice for both Disabled peopl as employers and for Personal Assistants as employees. See the last section of this Guide for who to contact for more information, advice or support regarding Personal Assistance. Personal Assistance Needs Assessing your own Personal Assistance needs Before you think about actually employing your own Prsonal Assistant (PA), you need to work out what your personal assistance needs are. The most straightforward way is to keep a checklist or diary over a period of a month of everything that you need assistance with. It should be a 24-hour record to include overnight assistance. There are three main areas to consider: Personal needs - things like getting up and going to bed, washing, eating, bowel and bladder care and so on. Domestic needs - shopping, laundry, child care, household tasks, driving and so on. Social needs - getting to work, studying, having fun, going to meetings and so on. For every activity you need to record: what assistance you need; at what time; for how long; how often (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly). It is important not to underestimate the amount or type of assistance that you need. In
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gateshead1 - What do I want to do a DIY guide to...

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