TRAD 102 - Books In Dialogue (Midterm Exam)

TRAD 102 - Books In Dialogue (Midterm Exam) - Antonio...

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Unformatted text preview: Antonio Alarcn TRAD 102 Books In Dialogue Study Guide Midterm #2 Identifications Corinth o Oedipus the King Crossroads; a place of trade in the ancient world Original home Adopted by royalty (Oedipus kills his father here) Cupid & Venus o Cupid English cupidity desire Greek eros eroticism Also called Protogonous, the first born Emerged from Chaos, the first creature (with Earth and Hades) Enthusiasm ( en theos ), possessed by a god o Venus Source of the word venereal Greek name Aphrodite (aphrodisiac) Sends her son Cupid on missions; sometimes tries to disarm him of his tiny bow and arrows (Lead vs. golden arrows) o Ovids Metamorphoses Daphne and Apollo Cupids revenge on Apollos mockery Gold arrow (Lust), Apollo Lead arrow (Fear), Daphne o Daphne calls for her father, transforms her into a laurel tree Thebes o Oedipus the King Founded by Cadmus, the ancestor of Oedipus (fourth generation) Apotheosis o Being ranked among the gods; transformation into a god Ovid appealed for the divination of Julius Caesar to the people (by the accomplishments of his son Augustus) and to the gods (Venus) Oracle at Delphi o Oedipus the King (Know thyself) It does not just mean to know ones idiosyncratic self, but also to understand ones limitations as a human, and not to live a life of illusion o The Apology Socrates (No one is wiser than Socrates) Used in defense of the charges brought against him o Refusal to recognize the gods of the state, Introduction of new deities o Corruption of the youth o Making the Weak argument Stronger Apollo not a new deity Narcissus & Echo o Ovids Metamorphoses Ovid takes two little-known myths and combines them In Latin, imago means both echo and reflection Echo is punished by Juno for gossiping; she could only repeat the last words she heard She echoes Narcissus, who falls in love with his own reflection. He is punished for his narcissism Their fates are intertwined ?? (Explain) Theodicy o Oedipus the King, Job Discussion of divine providence, (The Problem of Evil) and Gods justice Coined by G.W.Leibniz from theos (God) and dike (justice) Festival of Dionysus o Held annually in Athens o Established by Peristratus ( c. 550 BCE) o Included games and dramas o Theatre of Dionysus in Athens seats 15,000 people; has a circular stage Tragedies by Sophocles and others Oedipus the King was performed in 428 BCE Comedies by Aristophanes and others o Originally a fertility ritual, celebrating and ensuring the vintage o Later a rite of passage, especially for those reaching adulthood o A rite of commemoration for the city; encouraged worship of the gods Venus & Adonis o Ovids Metamorphoses Songs of unusual love prepare us for this story and follow it Myrrha and Cinyras, the parents of Adonis...
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TRAD 102 - Books In Dialogue (Midterm Exam) - Antonio...

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