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Sheet1 Page 1 The exam is closed-book, closed-notes. You may not use a computer/computing device during the exam. You will not need a calculator. Exam time: 7:00-8:30 (We start at 10 after) All rooms are on north campus, room assignments will be forthcoming. The exam will be of the same style as the practice exam, although the questions (and possibly question topics) will be different. :-) You are responsible for the following: - all material covered during lecture up throug today - all of the assigned reading so far - the specifications and solutions for projects 1 and 2. - the specification for project 3, but not its solution. Here is a review of the material that we covered during the first half of the course (which will be covered by the exam): * Functions - how functions are called and executed * evaluation of function calls using the "labeled box" environment model - procedural abstraction * local: can be read or written w/o examining any other implementation * substitutable: replace one implementation with another without modifying callers of the procedure. - REQUIRES-MODIFIES-EFFECTS clauses
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13-midterm-review.student - The exam is closed-book,...

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