syllabus_macro - EC202-B1 Spring 10 Intermediate...

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Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis Gabriele Gratton January 4, 2010 The goal of this course is to introduce students to modern approaches to theoretical macroeconomics. Great relevance is given to the leading theoretical models of Economic Growth and Business Cycle. For each part of the course, a review of macroeconomic data will provide the motivation for the theoretical analysis. Empirically testable implications of the theory will be discussed. At the end of the course, the student should be able to interpret macroeconomic data and analyze macroeconomic policy. Contact Information O¢ ce Hours: M 11:30am-1pm and T 1:30-3pm or by appointment. O¢ ce: 268 Bay State Road, Room B02 e-mail: Tel.: (617) 353-5687 Classes M-W-F 10-11am. Attendance is mandatory. Grades and Exams There will be a midterm and a ±nal examination. The midterm exam will count for 30% of the grade while the ±nal exam will make up for 55% of the grade. Problem sets are worth 10%.The remaining 5% will take into account attendance and class participation. Grader/TF
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syllabus_macro - EC202-B1 Spring 10 Intermediate...

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