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Locus Coerules is at the top of the spine and keeps ourselves from acting on our brain impulses during sleep o Self-injury o Injury to partner o “night-flying” out of bed o Frightening Dreams IS THIS A PSYCHIATRIC PROBLEM OR A NEW SLEEP DISORDER ? RSBD (REM Sleep Behavior Disorder) - a new sleep disorder where the locus coerules is damaged and does not stop people from acting on dreams. Here are the symptoms: o Older adults o 95% male o Treatment: Clonazepam o Tumor on Locus Coerules NREM Sleep is an idling brain in a movable body. We move between 60-70 times a night. Disorders of Slow Wave Sleep o Enuresis—bed wetting o Sleep Talking—very common before puberty. Often happens when you a sleep deprived. Usually it’s nonsense and babble.
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Unformatted text preview: It is genetic. o Sleep walking—usually disappears at puberty, as well. It is also genetic. Try to guide the sleepwalker back to bed. Can you kill someone while sleep walking? • The case of Scott Falater • 1997: sleep deprivation and stress sleep walk violence: stabbed wife 44 times, pushed her in pool, went into garage, changed clothes and went into bed. Neighbors called police, awakened him, and told him what he had done. He couldn’t believe it. He was put away for life, without parole. o Sleep Eating—dog food, cigarette butts, watches o Sleep Sex- There are people that have sex when they are completely asleep o Night Terror (amnesia)...
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