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Unformatted text preview: a. interactivity, c. information c. a stunning Which of the global reach, density, universal d. local/regional b. an economist's technological following are all b. universal information standards, reach, interactivity, dream come true, success as the unique of the features of e- standards, richness, asymmetry, personalization/cust richness, Which a. the most where for a brief Internet and the commerce the top information density, personalization/cust omization, sales personalization/cust Net marketplaces fWhich ofis ollowing the promising time in time consumers had Web increased from d. a dramatic Network tnclude all of the interactivity force-driven omization i echnology? d. private industrial omization all online retailer following is an history for the access to a few thousand to business success as externalities are Which business following of Peer-to- nuccessful a. e-distributors. b. exchanges. c. industry consortia. ranked by which of s etworks. online example except: relevant market billions of e85% of dotcoms rmprovement is elated to i ales? type of eWhich s hefollowing of e- b. Amazon a. and c. Staples d. Peerearly days (P2P) eTssociated with the implementation of information commerce formed since 1995 the d. In 2009, the a commerce is commerce?ea. eDonkey b. commerce are first mover transaction the major c. eBay costs transactions per 35 Cecame flourishing b features of number of a. In 2009, b. In 2009, over c. In 2009, on an technological by the donsidered: c istinguished of local in pource of online lummeted. year. people use businesses. system commerce c. illion d. industrial over Which of the households s m universal average day, development c. information type of technology technology? and a. richnessStates b. interactivity standardssocial density following the statements the United retail growth was andesktop 140 million people area networks d. workgroup a. transaction b. online automation (e.g. Which the used inof is not true? not an exceeded 80%. from existing buyers. network. (e.g. gupply chain client/server automation (e.g. automation (e.g. automation s o online. following is rather transaction computing?a Web of document sharing) payroll) word processing) management) example of nature d. the cost than by the Wn 2009,the Which ofyear is the I hich By what roughly The integration of 2.0 application?best d.erchants pay to Wikipedia a. YouTube b. Yahoo of c. Second Life the marketpercent of c. Peer-to-Peer a. Business-toConsumer-tod. Business-tofollowing is the m b. the cost _ideo, audio, and U_______ a .S. Internet v efinition of relationship? of the (P2P)their goods to Consumer (B2C) of Consumer (C2C) Business (B2B) dharacteristic a. the cost of participating in c. the cost of finding c ll U.S. households bring b. emphasis on a. predominance aousehold h marketing text transaction costs? market growth vs. changing prices markets suitable productsof consolidation pure online c. first mover d. strengthening had broadbanda Which of the phase revenue penetration rate messages into oable to reachaccess profits f e-commerce? strategies advantages intermediaries cingle or DSL the fikely marketing ollowing is the top- c. mass b. l d. It has already s toessage and retail b.erchant/departmen a. 85 c. 45 sellingInternet. cable m 65 computers/electronic d. 25 currentonlineof reached the level of m the level b. the persistent category? significant t stores apparel/accessories s dable television televisionthe c . books/CDs/DVDs consuming The most Which of Approximately what d. the retrenchment a. the sophisticated global inequality penetration? an penetration experience that a e- a. 2013 is can and consolidation of b. 2017 required to c. 2022 access to information technology not of following is of skill set limiting The early years percentage example of: theto a. wireless Web on b. ubiquity. data richness. into the a. electronic density. subscriber d. personalization. rimitationcompanies c. an emphasis shopping bot l educe barriers e-commerce use the Internet and b. an emphasis on telephone service, commerce were a. c. digital on Internetof all of egrowthby B2C the technology. e-commerce Puickly achieving a programs.of profiting c. saturation and driven since 1995 hands of large b. a huge infusion q Cs, and cell d. visions formed access is: exploiting traditional interchange (EDI). of lines (DSL). commerce? established firms systemscapital pery high market ceiling effects following as distribution venture v hones from newremains survived the Which of factors a. Economists' c. There except: is not channels. funds. visibility. technology. E-commerce i ollowing fndependent true d. The competitor market visions of a friction- b. when information considerable of Consumers are a. one c. d. proliferation t ompanies in cegarding e- have a.iddlemen b. 20 percent 30 percent rechnologies 2009? m 10 percent free market have not c. equally distributed d. 40 percent are less price-sensitive pmall online Unfair competitive has an advantage b. when market is d. when firms Which of the the s ersistent price a. Information c dvantages occur commerce today? is disappeared. been realized. thantransaction dispersion. ahanged is a others cannotare middlemen are and expected. able to gather fB2G e-commerce asymmetries intermediaries tollowing tradeoff purchase. raditional when: of which type a. the dominance of displaced. costs are low. of monopoly profits. aharacteristic of the continually being form c etween the c. large inputs renting the business Overall c. the digital b b. the first of e-commerce? b. B2B a. B2C tomovers c. C2C capital d. P2Pdigitally re-invention phase large traditional b. return of any venture processesremain Which of and reach introducedof the the by Intermediaries transaction costs d. Brands of larger a. the use b. the use enablement of any richness from the early years financing of e-commerce? traditional financing have dropped the firmsimportant in efollowing statements firms larger the merchants and have not very Internet and Internet transactions and enabled transactions of a marketing c. the b. the smaller Web-only firms of e-commerce will dramatically. is-commerce can be marketers. not true? EccountedPrior to Webtechnological technologies processes within an commerce. message. for audience reached, disappeared. in a a. marketing audiencewill lower among individuals a. a to transact a retain or increase c. prices reached, defined ________of buccess rich the as: during the less and a usiness. firm's daily had little organization.the and mixed equaled the development messages activities. the less to d. richness E-commerce s b. a market share enough rich c. a technological a organizations. around a. overall revenues theirtechnological TheWeb: of etOnefuture online e- message. he early years of richness.and a to message. a rechnological and ixed business successcontinue failure and more t each.number of percent thewill of of from e-commerce as they encourage d. the commerce commerce was: rncludeof the the etail firm for predictionsincrease success. by 10-12 business failure. of bonsumers to exploit economies c usiness success. business success online shoppers will Which anrevenues will grow i in 2008. e- required d. 32 a year from acale and switching b. 17 in online c. 25 fn regulatory activity percent uture of is s . 12 engage continue to grow at ollowing b. a transaction c. a transaction i commerce is that: 2010 through 2013. costs. shopping. double-digit rates. for commerce to d. an exchange of between within an as it both in of the the United b. expected to return d. slowing Which ________ was a occur? and value a. digital technology organizations (over oonfronts its own States is one of Business-toc rganization following system for to a growth rate of a. currently growing c. a major part videotext worldwide.(B2C) e- 10 percent a year TRUE at a rate of 15FALSE 30 percent) of the consumerprimary fundamental In 2009, the world's the three digitally enabled commerce is: after the recession. percent a year. overall retail market. limitations. d. Management oocietal issues s nlinethe the that transactions Which population All of of following scientists are was approximately: c. 1.6 billion. and a. 11 million. b. customers have d. 7 billion. of 800 million. rollowing is not a celated to e- of ef ombined a a. price, cost, b. a nearly infinite c. d. the growth were visions interested in ecommerce? of a b. anonymity c. equity activity telephone and small d. The French c. individual privacy aet of suppliers The to all characteristic quality information s . liability accessBaxter regulatory commerce b. The Internet screen. competitive Minitel a. Telex against Healthcare system commerce as an perfectof the are equally and compete relevant information d. EDI both nationally and expressed during c. persistence of Whichof the c. Computing broadband opportunity to study None market? years of be distributed. one another. the early is not a e- information a. a nearly perfect worldwide. becomes internationally.firms b. There are two friction-free d. first mover E-commerce can following networking foundation b. Information c. how business following commerce except: aomponent prices symmetries. said totechnology have begun cystems researchers competitive market. commerce. major of the easily s a. Mobile computing strongerapproaches aan exploit the d. Wireless Internet No one academic primary in c dvantage. technologies Which in:hich ofnational c. 1995. a. 1983. rival the b. 1985. d. 2001. to achieve trend in ebegins to households and connections grow W take a purely perspective to e-commerce: Internet crosses the following qualities is increase commerce?to a dramatically. Pominates research businesses. C platform rapidly. feast likely to ollowing statements technical approach d ehavioral and more efficient boundaries l islobalthe following to e-commerce. about e-commerce. technical. business operations. gecrease a audience d not true? All of eonsumer's search d. information a. television. b. radio stations. c. newspapers. c xcept: are examples of file- c. the Internet. d. It provides access There are an costs? of of the density a. ubiquity b. global reach d. richness sharing networks The size the Which a. It is the to Web pages that estimated ________ except: statements b. eBay. upon a. Kazaa. c. Napster. access d. Grokster. globalthe following technology C2C market following in the c. It provides incorporate Alleb pages of W in 2009considered a a.hich the Internet is b. $700 million. aan be is"deepis not w $70 billion. to pages written in d. $300 billion. graphics, sound, co-called Web b. It was developed c. $3 billion. Baxter s bout the over: true? that to e-not based. inealthcare's remote HTML. French and multimedia. precursor are H the early 1990s. c. The d. Electronic Data Web" all, eAbove commerce except: a. m-commerce. order entry system. Minitel. that do not Interchange. link to indexed by is a(n) commerce ordinary In the "bow-tie" a. pages that link to c. pages d. pages that search engines. d. 900 billion neither a. 800 million which b. 5 to the center, c. 60 billion without ________-driven analogy of the b. pages that the center, but link million one another ptructure of the a. technologylinked b. governmentto c. marketing to d. user through the s henomenon. link to or are are not linked but are linked passing Web, "tendrils" are: from the center. from the center. from the center. center. ...
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