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Unformatted text preview: overall size of the distance learning market is $50 billion. The overall market can be broken down into three major market segments: Corporate, College, and Elementary/High are Which of the followingSchool, e mazon's primary value Aach of which accounts for a third selection and personalization and reduction of price Which element of the business ofodel market. Within the propositions? thedescribes how convenience customization discovery cost m firm's ________ question: "How competitive A the answers Corporateproduce a superiortwo revenue model will theof the following is are value proposition advantage a firm will market, there an Which firm earn money?" marketon invested capital. return niches: Fortune 1000, revenue model value proposition market strategy example of the subscription which accounts for 60% of the revenue model?important attribute Stickiness is an advertising revenue eBay subscription revenue Amazon transaction fee Which of the following which market and all others, companies for whichaccount for 40%an the revenue model?of model model revenue model utilizesof transaction fee Which a together the following is revenue model? Whatfollowing factors is eBay MyPoints example of the affiliate revenue market. the is's the availability of Which of there are no model? market opportunity, a MyPoints Yahoo E*Trade market realistic not a significant influence on supportive how many what the competitive aompany's competitivewould be $10 billion $50 billion are $16.6 of each c pproximately? organizational competitors share billion Which of the following advantages or one firm develops eonsidered an of a can competitor structures active competitor is c nvironment? indirect be The existence All of the following large number asymmetries an advantage based no one firm has oonsidered aAirlines? one market is f American direct or indirect Continentalofmarket itself Airlines differentiated in the market firms an untapped c competitors in any because all on a factor one participant segment may saturated. access niche. competitor of indicate: have equal production that other within that market. the market has more except: following firms have Starbucks. to all the factors to Borders bookstores. the firms cannot value resources than All of the FreshDirect's Aeen successfully executing an is production. employs purchase. to others. The business model of e-tailers b perfect market is one in which: FreshDirect proposition quite similar to business model e-distributors. transaction brokers. exchanges. has onlinethe following statements grocery that of: All of the same grocery consumer is FreshDirect except: Webvan. model as Tesco. FreshDirect. about Fresh Direct are true business convenience and targeted a niche except:of the followingportals Tesco. time savings. market. Which Horizontal or general is not considered a following is not one of portal? Yahoo advertisers MSN primarily generate revenue in all charging collecting Which of the the following ways except: engine sales of goods. for ad placement. transaction fees. of the top five portal/search sites? Lycos AOL Which of the following is not a community provider? business Priceline iVillage Facebook variation of the e-tailer model? theof a company using market creator bricks-and-clicks virtual merchant An example following is not an Which of the content the bricks-and-clicks e- Traditional provider model the is: Priceline. example of The overall retail market in own the technology brokerages have Online stockbrokers they offer tailing business model? United States in 2009 was bonsumers valuable, beenoffer a fast, they unable to c y which content is charge commissions they create a digital estimated at about:to becoming a $4 trillion. effective 40 billion. $400 billion. In general, the key own the content mount an that are convenient one-stop created, presented, provide online convenient, time electronic successful content provider is to: bhallenge to the can aaving and low cost content for free. eing provided. nd distributed. Which of the following is not a true cite where users First movers initially considerably for s s environment less is an example of a: transaction broker. community the statement about the online pure online most dominated provider. market and sellers to than traditional focus on their alternatives to buyers creator. brokerage value proposition of market? brokers. The basicfollowing are examples brokerages. important concerns market. service traditional meet, agree on a All of the One of the competitive community providers is: (B2B) and interests. providers. price and transact. of Business-to-Business advantages of a B2B service business model except: market creators. e-distributors. e-procurement. What is thethat itan example of is can spread the provider is primary revenue mhich of the followingsoftware sales transaction fee advertising w odel forthe e-distributor? Which of an following business cost of an expensive is an models? of an e-procurement e-distributor B2B service provider exchange eystem over many users, xample s business model? achieving efficiencies referred to of application of the number the number the number of as: scale economies. efficiencies.greatly network efficiencies. exchanges xchanges exchanges stayed A ________ business model Over the a way foryears: about the same. private industrial provides past few consumers to diminished sharply. increased. Exostar is an example thea(n): of industry consortium. network. exchange. sell to each other with of help Cell phone-based an onlinethere were anwireless business B2B phone-based B2C TCP/IP, and The key the following estimated C2CWi-Fi and 3G, Cell WiFi, In 2009, technologies for mWhich of the following features of Which of commerce wireless hot spots Bluetooth 2G, 3G, and 4G. HTML. ________ are: be used to technologies can e-commerce technology changes worldwide. of companies has 280000 2800 28000 tndustry largefollowing features of Internet ransfer structure by lowering files over a short Which group i Which of the distance? entry, but greatly Ultrawideband Bluetooth Zigbee profited most, as a whole, from the infrastructure airline ticketing barriers to coordinates changes e-commerce technology a firm's A you wished to leverage the ________ Ifevelopment of e-commerce? dxpandsstructure by at the same companies companies e-tailers euppliers, distributors, and industry the market the Web to weakening s ubiquitous nature of time? offirmsfollowing is not a richness interactivity powerful sales channels, shifting global reach Which theyour product, you elivery differentiate with its own bargaining power using value consumers? information density ubiquity universal standards rimary activity in a to leverage production needs to firm an would:If you wished enable individual chain? operations Internet-based nature of the Web finance/accounting inbound logistics supply chain the ubiquitous customization of the implement a management system. value chain value system to differentiate your product, you value web product by strategy of adopt a strategy of would: consumers. commoditization. cost competition. management of product delivery market strategy competitive advantage MyPoints sales revenue model competition is at a minimum, as each $6.6 competitors how billion niche market within price their products a market that served an industry is has British company with already been tried by the Airways without success. the greatest m. competitive advantage. employs FreshDirect service providers. the same " order" philosophy as Dell Inc. AOL charging subscription fees. MSN/Bing MySpace manufacturer-direct eBay. provide other they increase $40 trillion. well as services as Significant customers' oonsolidation is now c roductivity by pnline content. service provider. occurring in the helping them get industry. things done faster and more cheaply. private industrial networks. subscription industry consortia Agentrics network externalities. exchanges have totally disappeared. e-distributor. P2P WLAN, WiFi, and Ultrawideband. 2.8 million 3G service B2B providers personalization global reach develop a scope sales and marketing strategy to compete business strategy within a narrower market segment. ...
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